Symptoms and control of Duck Echinococcosis

The symptoms and pathological changes of Duck Echinococcosis, the parasite parasitized in duck or goose and small intestine, adhered to the intestinal Mucosa by its rostrum firmly, causing Catarrhal inflammation. Sometimes the protuberance is embedded, the membrane is deep, and perforates the intestinal wall, and Causes Peritonitis, causing suppurative inflammation, when a large number of infections can cause the death of ducklings. At autopsy, prominent yellowish-white nodules can be seen on the serosal surface of the intestine. 

Control measures: 

(1) selecting water source without intermediate host to raise ducklings, young ducklings and adult ducklings should be raised in groups. The newly purchased duck flocks should first do the feces examination, when there are insects to carry out insect repellent, and the excrement to do compost treatment. 

(2) tetrachloromethane anthelmintic treatment, 0.5 ml per kg body weight, administered via a small rubber tube.

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