Prevention of diseases in meat duck in the alternation of seasons

In the spring, summer, Autumn and winter replacement season, temperature changes, a variety of pathogens easy breeding breeding, meat ducks and other animals are susceptible to disease season. At this time if the neglect of prevention, it is easy to induce disease, leading to mass and epidemic disease death of ducks, resulting in losses. The symptoms and control methods of common duck diseases are introduced: 

1. The disease is frequently occurred in spring, summer and autumn with high morbidity and mortality. Prevention: 10-15 days of age injection of duck plague vaccine. TREATMENT: every 100 adult ducks were given Chuanxiong 15 grams, Dangshen 15 grams, TALC 20 grams, cinnamon 20 grams, licorice 20 grams, Shuanhua 10 grams, Tulip 12 grams, Chinese prickly Ash 8 grams, boiling water for juice, adding 200 grams of 50-degree liquor to mix well, to the duck drink. Can Not drink by themselves, each 4 ML ~ 5 ml. It can be cured with 2 doses. 

2. ducklings with hepatitis are susceptible to the disease at the age of 1-3 weeks, and the disease occurs frequently within 5 weeks. Prevent; immunize breeding ducks twice a year. TREATMENT: every 100 ducks were given 100 grams of Wormwood, 40 grams of Elsholtzia, rhubarb, Gentian, Gardenia, Scutellaria, cortex Phellodendri and Radix Isatidis respectively, and were given 500 grams of white sugar in decoction or mixed with water, one dose a day for 3 days. At the same time every 50 kg of feed plus poultry with 50 grams of multi-vitamins, yeast tablets 100 tablets (mashed) mix well. 

3. PREVENTION OF DUCK INFECTIOUS SEROSITIS: 2-4% SMZ was added to drinking water. Treatment: The ducks were treated with 7500 IU GENTAMICIN per kg body weight, added into drinking water for 2-3 days, and added some poultry multi-vitamins into the feed to improve the curative effect

4. Pasteurellosis of ducks the most acute form of the disease is usually asymptomatic, with sudden flapping of the wings and death on the ground. During the course of 1-2 days, the body temperature of the sick ducks rose to above 43 ° C, the tail wings drooped, the drinking water increased, the mouth and nose fluttered foamy liquid, and the sick ducks often shook their heads. Prevention: The duck farms with this disease can be fed with Andrographis paniculata powder for 2-3 days a week or with oxytetracycline 50 mg/kg bw for 2 days. Treatment: The sick ducks were injected intramuscularly with penicillin and streptomycin at 50,000 units per kilogram of body weight twice a day for 2 days. In addition, sulfonamide treatment, such as sulfadiazine and sulfadimethazine, can be given in 0.05-0.1% mixed feed for 3-5 days. 

5.Duck colibacillosis duck spirit is depressed, the appetite drops, drinks the desire to strengthen, the serious occurrence breath difficulty. When laying ducks suffer from this disease, the feces often contains egg white, coagulation protein, egg yolk, male ducks swollen penis, part of the exposure. Prevention: Duck House and utensils, usually every 2 weeks to disinfect once; found that the disease is to disinfect twice a week. 


1. The gentamicin is given intramuscularly once a day for three days at a dose of 10,000 units per kilogram of body weight. 

2. Add 20,000 units per kilogram of body weight to drinking water for 3 days. 

3. Norfloxacin premix is used according to the directions for use of the medicine for 3 days. Four. The traditional Chinese medicine, Aijunling, compound Andrographis Paniculata has a good curative effect on this disease.

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