Three methods for distinguishing high-yield dairy goats

1, breast contraction type; The breast is tight small ball, nipple short and small, inconvenient milking, low milk yield. 

2. Flabby type: the breast sags loosely to or below the fibular segment, the nipple is short and thick and the breast margin is not obvious, and the shape is like a long bag. Although the volume of this kind of breast is large and the milk yield is high, it is inconvenient for goats to walk and easy to be cut by tree stubble, which causes the inflammation of the breast. 

3, round and large: the breasts are plump and symmetrical, extending to the abdomen in front, filling in the middle between the two legs, protruding in the rear of the hind limbs, close to the upper and abdomen, the nipple size is moderate, slightly extended to the front, the nipple and the breast have obvious boundaries, this is the ideal type. 

Two, according to the breast structure to judge the high yield breast skin is thin and thin, the surface is hairless or there is a small amount of villi at the base. Soft and elastic to the touch, without core. Breast enlargement before milking, significantly reduced after milking, many folds on the surface. 

A breast with glandular tissue and little connective tissue is called a glandular breast. Low – birth breast skin rough, feel like lean meat, no elasticity, there are hard core. Breasts with little change in volume and glandular tissue before and after milking are called fleshy breasts. Three, according to the shape of the milk vein, it is judged that those with thick, long and obvious bending milk veins and more lateral branch vessels have strong lactation and higher milk yield; If the veins are not developed, there is no obvious curve, and the lateral vascular branches are few, the milk yield is not high.

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