Prevention of COCCIDIOSIS in laying ducks should be strengthened in rainy season

The coccidiosis of laying ducks occurs in rainy season, so the farmers should do the prevention work well in advance. The key point of prevention is also in the Brood period and the pre-breeding period, especially in the laying period, the prevention of coccidiosis is often ignored by the farmers. Once the disease, it will cause economic losses to farmers. 

1. The cause of the disease, most of the farmers who raised laying ducks in the first year had no experience in raising laying ducks and disease control. Because the duck house is mostly a plastic shed structure, the temperature in the house can reach 15 ° C-20 ° c during the day, the excess water vapor often condenses into water, and the ducks are often concentrated in the warmer place, so the temperature and humidity of the duck house are high, it is very suitable for the development of Coccidiosis oocysts, and there are some problems such as high density, poor ventilation, dirty air, almost no use of any drugs for the prevention of coccidiosis. 

Second, clinical symptoms, performance for the spirit, necking, lying, sometimes found on the ground bloody stool, 2,3 days after the death of several ducks will be found, followed by a few days of death increase, egg production declined or grew slowly. 

3, Prevention 

1, at ordinary times to do a good job in the duck house environmental hygiene, diligent shop new bedding, and regular disinfection of the Duck House. 

2. Deal with the relation between heat preservation and ventilation well, increase the ventilation amount as far as possible under the condition of ensuring the temperature. 

3. Set up drinking water equipment reasonably to avoid water leakage and leakage. 4. To improve the breeding rate of laying ducks, cull the stunted laying ducks before laying and cull the low-yield laying ducks in time after laying peak. 5. Add Preventive Drugs to feed and drinking water regularly.

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