How to diagnose duck cholera and duck plague

The external characteristic of duck cholera, the sick duck with duck cholera often shakes its head before it dies, when it dies, its mouth and nose bleed water, its crop is full of fodder, and its crop feels hard when it is touched by hand, while the sick duck with duck plague sheds tears and tears, and its eyes are bloodshot when it dies, the crop was empty and without food. 

Medicine and course of disease diagnosis, duck cholera usually occurs sporadically, and sudden death is more common, especially in laying hens. 

Duck cholera can also infect chickens and pigs, but duck plague can not infect chickens and pigs, generally more than 5 days after the onset of death. Duck cholera can be treated with sulfonamide or antibiotics, but not duck plague. 3. The duck plague can be diagnosed by dissection if the duck anus is opened and hyperemia, edema or yellow-green pseudomembrane appears. Duck cholera occurs in sick or dead ducks with many pinhead-sized gray-white necrosis on the surface of the liver; 

duck plague has no such symptoms, but there are many blood spots on the skin of the whole body and even more severe bleeding on the head and neck.

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