Basic knowledge of raising sheep for beginners

Basic knowledge of raising sheep 

1, to be prepared to raise sheep is not like a job, as long as they obey the Command, on time every day can go to work, do not have to pay too much energy. And once you start raising sheep, you have to think about everything, you have to do everything yourself, planning sheep farms, introducing and buying sheep, preparing fodder, daily management, and so on. Not only does it take a lot of energy, but it also takes a lot of energy, this point must have psychological preparation, if you wait until after raising sheep to find their physical strength, energy can not keep up with the withdrawal of raising sheep, may be to lose a lot of money. 

2. Make preparations now that you have made up your mind to raise sheep, don’t be in a hurry. Do all the preparatory work before you introduce them. If you haven’t done all the preparatory work, buy the sheep back, there is a high likelihood of confusion, lack of forage, and so on. The preparation work is divided into two aspects, the first aspect is the basic construction. It is not necessary to build an overly luxurious sheep house at the beginning of raising sheep, but also to prepare a shelter for the sheep to shelter from the wind and rain. The second aspect is the preparation of fodder, as the saying goes, “Soldiers and horses do not move grain and grass first,”sheep is also the same, concentrate can be bought now, but must be prepared enough grass to be able to, peanut seedlings, soybean straw, corn straw can be used as sheep feed.

3. Learn sheep raising sheep raising is not a high tech industry, but it’s not one that doesn’t require any skills. If you’re new to sheep raising, Lin Bai, I suggest you learn some sheep raising skills first, before you consider sheep farming. There are many ways to learn sheep technology, you can go to the nearby sheep field study for a period of time, you can also choose some sheep books for self-study, but also through the online sheep farmers to learn. The basic knowledge of the breed, day-to-day feeding and management, reproduction and breeding, and the simple prevention and treatment of sheep diseases are all areas that novice sheep breeders need to learn. 

4. Don’t get too big. Don’t get too big at the beginning. Don’t get more than 30 basic ewes. If it’s too big, it’s hard to take care of each sheep. In the early stage of raising some less while accumulating experience, and so on the experience of maturity to consider expanding the scale, only in this way to develop only For Safe.

5, introduction of high-quality breeding sheep “A good flock of Rams, a good nest of Ewes”, only the introduction of high-quality breeding sheep, raising sheep can get more benefits, so the introduction must be as good as possible to introduce sheep. Good breeding sheep should accord with the characteristics of large individual, fast growth, high feed conversion rate and high reproduction rate, it is recommended that we breed some breeds, such as dupar sheep ( small tail Han sheep) , aohu sheep ( Hu sheep) and Port goat. 

6, do a good deworming epidemic sheep do not think to cure sheep, because sheep once disease, no matter how good treatment is late, must do a good deworming epidemic prevention work, let sheep less sick, not sick. At least 2 ~ 3 times a year, the sheep can choose Ivermectin + Albendazole combined deworming, the sheep must do three combined four epidemic prevention, foot and mouth disease, sheep pox, sheep contagious pleuropneumonia and small ruminant animal disease, etc. . Only by doing well the work of deworming and epidemic prevention can the incidence of sheep diseases be reduced and the success of sheep breeding be achieved.

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