The complete science of sheep breeding?

I believe that in many people’s eyes sheep should be regarded as a very simple work, even so if you do not know sheep can not raise good sheep, sheep novice need to have what basic knowledge?

 What are the scientific techniques for raising sheep? It is well known that sheep have four stomachs (Rumen, reticulum, Omasum and Abomasum) . 

After feeding, the food will enter the rumen first, the Rumen acts as a natural fermenter in which the Rumen microbiome ferments the Diet and synthesizes the nutrients needed by the sheep. Rumen in fermentation of food will produce a lot of acid gas, under normal circumstances these acid gas will be regurgitated out of the body, we call it “Belching”, but when the sheep eat food too fine (coarse fiber content is low or crushed too fine) can not stimulate rumen rumination, so the sheep can not normal Belch, the acid gas in the rumen can not be normally expelled from the body will be prone to rumen bulging, acute rumen acidosis and other problems. 

Therefore, a certain proportion of roughage should be guaranteed in the diet of sheep, and the proportion of roughage in the Diet of mutton sheep should not be less than 60% , and that of roughage in the Diet of breeding ewes should not be less than 80% .

Wet Dressing is more palatable than dry dressing. Mix The roughage and concentrate before feeding, then add some water to wet it. This is more troublesome but more beneficial. The palatability of wet mix is obviously better than dry mix, which can improve the feed intake of sheep to a certain extent. Secondly, the wet mix is more conducive to sheep’s digestion, can improve the feed utilization rate to a certain extent, the feed utilization rate is high can naturally save feeding costs. Third, no dust enters the respiratory tract when the sheep is eating wet mix material, which can reduce the occurrence of respiratory tract diseases. Of course, wet mix is not all the advantages, its disadvantages are also very obvious, not only when mixing trouble, and wet mix in summer more prone to deterioration, but still recommend conditional sheep farmers wet mix to feed sheep. 

The sheep should clean up the leftover material after feeding in time. The sheep should clean up the leftover material after each feeding in time. Don’t be afraid of waste and trouble, but leave it in the trough for the sheep to continue eating, this will affect the sheep down the appetite lead to feed more and more surplus, two is prone to corruption caused by the sheep digestive problems. We should not only clean up the leftover materials in time, but also analyze the causes of the leftover materials and correct and reduce the leftover materials. There are three common causes of the leftover materials in sheep. First, the poor palatability of the feed, such as high crude fiber content, poor feed quality, etc. , in this regard, we can process roughage properly to improve palatability. The general processing methods include cutting, kneading, ammoniating and silage, etc. . Secondly, if the amount of roughage is too large, we can reduce the amount of feed appropriately according to the actual intake situation of sheep, as far as possible not only to meet the needs of sheep feed will not be left, three is the sheep digestion problems, can be given to sheep feed some stomach-healthy drugs to maintain their good digestion and feed appetite.

sheep eat foreign bodies because of the lack of minerals, individual sheep will eat soil, sand, plastic bags and other foreign bodies, we generally call this phenomenon “PICA”, due to the lack of minerals, micronutrient and vitamins in sheep, PICA is common in late winter and early spring. In order to avoid PICA, it is necessary to meet the needs of the growth and production of sheep for all kinds of nutrients. First of all, the feed should be mixed in a variety of ways. The more kinds of feed, the more balanced its nutrition will be. Secondly, the special premix for sheep can be added to the feed, can better provide the required minerals, micronutrient and vitamins for the sheep, After hanging the salt brick in the sheep house to let them lick freely, in order to supplement the salt, micronutrient and vitamins. 6, sheep dry to eat not long should consider parasitic diseases many times sheep dry to eat not long is the cause of parasites, parasites will consume a lot of sheep nutrition, and even nutritional intake is far from enough to meet the parasites on nutrition consumption, in this case, the sheep will gradually lose weight, if not timely and effective treatment  Eventually due to nutritional failure and death. Sheep farmers should deworming their flocks 2 to 4 times a year. deworming should be carried out in the alternate seasons of winter and spring, summer and autumn. DEWORMING can be carried out by Ivermectin + Albendazole or levamisole, this can be effective against most ECTOPARASITES. In addition to the use of drug deworming, but also to maintain the environment and feed clean sanitation, this can also be to a certain extent to avoid sheep parasitic diseases.

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