Why is the mortality rate of goslings so high?

Why is the mortality rate of goslings so high? Newborn Gosling is very weak, all aspects of poor function, and very vulnerable to external threats, which led to the gosling mortality rate remaining high. How to reduce the death rate of goslings from the aspect of feeding management? Why is the mortality rate of goslings so high? They say it’s good for the goose, A journey of a thousand Li starts beneath one’s feet. You gotta start with the goslings. 

Many factors cause gosling death in the course of gosling feeding because Gosling is small, its down is thin, its body’s function of regulating body temperature is not perfect, and its adaptability to the change of external environment temperature is very poor; GOSLING growth and development too fast and small gastrointestinal capacity, weak digestion, at the same time, vitality, disease resistance is weak, susceptible to disease. In the breeding process careful scientific management is our main task. How to reduce the death rate of goslings from the aspect of feeding management?

1. Temperature, goslings on the body of very little, their means of regulating the temperature is poor, but the goose is a bias towards constant temperature, which leads to temperature for goslings great threat. When the temperature of the Gosling’s house fluctuates, the GOSLING’s performance will also change. When the temperature difference between day and night is big, the GOSLING’s mortality rate will increase obviously, this is what the breeder should pay attention to. Temperature control should pay attention to the balance of temperature and ventilation, can not blindly pursue a certain aspect, * * Good more inclined to insulation, that the temperature effect is real-time, ventilation has a longer response time. 

2. Density, although let goslings occupy a little place, this does not mean that its density is also high, many farmers will think that the density of goslings is good insulation, but neglecting this will also lead to goslings extrusion probability will increase. Especially when it comes to eating, the odds of squeezing each other go up sharply, and the mortality rate goes up. Second, high density will also lead to Gosling Hypoxia, although the oxygen concentration in the whole house is enough, gosling around not necessarily, over time will lead to gosling decrepitude death.

3, disease, the disease is also the gosling mortality rate is a big difficulty, common gosling plague, white dysentery and so on. Goslings themselves have little resistance to diseases, all rely on the management of goose owners, some of these diseases may be residual goose snakes, some are carried by themselves, and some may be induced by poor breeding. Goslings can become infected quickly and cause a lot of death in a short period. 

4, eating, people may not believe this reason, but in fact, a lot of goslings did not eat when eating, and then starved to death. Goslings do not eat like goslings, will fight for food, because when the trough is full, the goslings outside can barely squeeze in, naturally can not eat, did not eat, the next time is even less energy to grab. Some goslings are around on the inside, unable to come out and keep eating, * * After drinking water when they died.

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