What kind of breed does a newbie raise goose?

As one of the main domestic fowls, the goose is in great demand in China, whether it is goose meat or goose eggs. The goose’s nutrition value is also very high, receiving many people’s welcome. So now the goose is also more and more people, there are many novices kept into the goose industry. So what kind of breed does a newbie raise goose? Is it better to breed goose or goose? What kind of breed does a newbie raise goose?

Sichuan White Goose, Sichuan white goose, mainly compared with Kaijiang white goose, has a big (3-4 kg), good hair quality (pure white), high wool yield (100-200 g feather per goose), tender meat, high egg production rate, fast growth, down clothing processing of high-quality raw materials. Tai Lake Geese, Tai Lake Geese, native to the Yangtze River Delta Tai Lake area, adult male geese weigh 4 kg, down white, light, soft, elastic, warm, high economic value, out of the down high rate per goose can produce down 200-250 grams. The average weight of the five-month-old goose can reach 3.5 kg. It is famous for its excellent laying performance. The goose is 8-9 months old and produces 120-180 eggs a year. The egg weight is 120-140 grams. 

Local consumption should be based on what kind of geese, large, medium, or small. Generally, large geese for the production of Foie Gras, need to contract manufacturers, domestic difficult to do; small and medium-sized geese for consumption, individual appropriate. The weight is between 3 and 5 kilograms. In addition, according to the local consumption habits to determine. What kind of goose do people in your province or nearby like to eat, white goose or grey goose. Observe what geese are sold in the market, more or less, is not very saturated.

 Another is to do a survey, on nearby geese, and poultry situations. If there are a lot of saturated states, then do not enter. In particular, we should observe the breeding of geese. Start farming should begin from a small scale and seek a way out. Lang de Goose, Lang de Goose, is a breed from France and is suitable for producing Foie Gras in the world today. The young geese of this breed grow rapidly, the weight of the eight-week-old geese can reach 4.5 kg, and the weight of the adult geese can reach more than 10 kg after being filled with fat, the goose lays 35-40 eggs a year, the egg weight 180-200 grams, the fecundity is low, the down yield is high, to the artificial plucking tolerance is strong, may pluck the hair twice a year, each year produces the down on average 0.4 kilograms under the suitable condition, the weight of fatty liver can reach 700-800g after 20 days filling.

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