The breeding technique of the Xupu County Goose

  1. Feeding methods of Xupu County Goslings,

the breeding of Xupu County goslings should first pay attention to the management of the early goslings, the early 30-45 days of age: the newly selected breeding goslings should be adjusted to fit in with the group, and the main feeding methods should be confined feeding combined with grazing, depending on the quality of pasture and the condition of the geese, 50 to 100 grams of feed per day should be given to the male geese. The raw material mainly consists of a mixture and the green material is used as a supplement. The green fodder mainly comes from the planting of high-quality forage grass, suitable for planting forage grass is an-mc Excellent Rye, hn-mc excellent Alfalfa, and so on.

2. Feeding Method for Xupu County Geese, mid-term (60-90 days): mainly grazing. During the whole feeding period, the feed should be mainly green fodder and coarse fodder. It should be fed three times a day without a fixed quantity. The feed is mainly green fodder, grain bran, rice bran, bran, corn Straw powder, etc., mixed and fed with blisters. Breeding male geese are generally about 140 days of age before the beginning of rough feeding. 

3. Feeding method of adult goose, later period (after 120 days of age): while feeding forage, the concentrate should be gradually increased, coarse fodder should be reduced, and the concentrate should be fed 2-3 times a day, to diversify the feed mix, and attention should be paid to the supplementation of minerals and vitamins, to allow geese to feed freely, encourage the goose to lay eggs early and often.

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