Is it better to breed goose or goose?

In fact, geese are not quite the same as chickens and ducks. There is no special “Egg goose” variety for laying eggs. The reason why I call it “Egg goose” and “Meat Goose” here is to distinguish it from the purpose of breeding. That is, the egg goose is profited by the sale of goose eggs, the goose is profited by the sale of the goose itself. With different purposes and methods of farming, the profit will be different.

Geese generally begin to lay eggs at around 6 months. The age of laying varies with different goose breeds. Small Geese, for example, lay for 170 days, medium geese for 190 days, large lion-headed geese, and big three-flowered geese for 210 days. Moreover, the annual egg production has not yet reached its peak, the remaining four to five months are estimated to be able to produce 20 to 30 eggs. But it was different from the second year. 

The Peak egg-laying period in a goose’s life is the second and third years. After 4 years, although also can lay eggs, the egg quantity drops, therefore, raises the egg goose, after 4 years, must retire the renewal.

At the peak of the goose-laying season, eggs are laid for seven to eight months of the year, leaving four to five months for rest. Laying geese typically lay one egg every three to four days, producing seven to 10 eggs a month, and an average goose can lay 50 to 70 eggs a year. According to the current price of goose eggs, a goose egg can be sold for about 8 yuan, a goose a year’s output value is 400 to 560 yuan. According to the four-year culling, the average annual production of 50 eggs to calculate, a goose four years can produce 200 eggs, a total output value of about 1600 yuan. Of course, the goose is an Omnivore, and the amount of food eaten is amazing. During the period when the goose lays eggs, it needs to feed mainly on formulated feed, supplemented by green feed. 

The feeding mode gradually changes from restricted feeding to free feeding, this creates a problem of increased feeding costs. On average, a laying goose costs more than 100 yuan a year to raise. There are also several male geese, as well as laying less than the female goose, which has raised the cost of raising a single goose.

It is also worth mentioning that if the proportion of male and female geese with a reasonable, goose egg fertilization rate will be correspondingly increased. If the goose egg from “Vegetable egg” into fertilized eggs to sell, then the price will be much higher. In the case of a lion’s head goose egg, a newly hatched lion’s head goose egg sells for thirty RMB, while a fertilized lion’s head goose egg sells for twenty RMB, according to the price on the WeChat account of Yipinmiao, a professional poultry breeding platform. 

As for breeding goose and goose which is more profitable, the normal course is the goose. However, the egg goose breeding cycle is long, and the cost of input is also high, unlike the meat goose breeding days can be sold. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to breed meat geese instead of egg geese.

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