Do four seasons of goose breeding have advantages and disadvantages?

1. Breeding and feeding of four-season goose. 

Four-season geese can lay eggs all year round, self-hatching, three-month-old goose mature, four-month-old male geese sexually mature, but the appropriate egg breeding in five, months. Adult male geese can weigh up to 5-8 kg, adult female geese can weigh up to 4-5 kg. Males and females can be paired 1:4. A goose can breed 40 young geese a year and 200 in a cycle. The goose lays 15 eggs in each laying period, that is to say, she will nest and nest, and then hatch 28-30 days. Goslings out of the Shell 30 hours after drinking water to eat, drinking water is also called tide mouth. Goslings after feeding fine, green material according to 1:3 ratio, day feeding 4 times, night * * Good Feeding 1-2 times, 10 days old on the market for sale. To produce green food, where there are no grazing conditions, you can grow grass for geese, one MU of Russian fodder for geese, and 100 geese for geese.

2. raises the four seasons goose to invest little.

The cost is low, the cycle is short, and the economic efficiency is high. Four-season goose green roughage-based, less concentrate, raising a pig feed can raise 100 geese (except grass). Feeding, four seasons goose pen simple, low input, low feed costs, very suitable for small-scale farmers or grazing. The stall time is half that of the pig, and the pay for the feed is high. The benefits of breeding are obvious. Compared with raising chickens, ducks, and pigs, the meat-to-meat ratio of pigs is 1:3.5-4.5, that of broilers is 1:2-2.9, and that of geese is only 1:0.8-1.5. A mother goose can produce 160 kg of commercial live goose, which is 32 times the bodyweight of the mother goose and 8-10 times that of the pig.

3. The whole body of the four-season goose is valuable and has a high value of comprehensive utilization. 

As the saying goes, “Can eat a bird, do not eat half a catty beast.”. Goose meat has high nutritional value, and its protein content ranks first among chicken, duck, cattle, sheep, and pork. The protein content of goose was 22.3%, that of meat was 21.4%, that of chicken was 20.6%, that of beef was 18.7%, that of mutton was 21.4%, and that of pork was only 14.8%. Lysine and Alanine, acids are higher than 30%, histidine is higher than 70%, and goose fat is mostly unsaturated fatty acids, good for human health. Gaping goose meat flavor, Yin Yin Yiqi warms the stomach and alleviate the efficacy of lead poisoning. The goose meat product does not pollute belongs to the green food, day by day is, the consumer favors, the consumer market expands rapidly. Goose-down insulation is strong, the international market courtyard ton price reaches 45 thousand US dollars. FOIE GRAS nutritional value is very high, in Europe and the United States, the developed countries, for selling, the market gap is large, export prospects. With China’s accession to the WTO approach, the export of meat geese will be increasing, and China’s goose industry will show infinite vitality. Planting grass and raising geese will be a stable project for farmers to get rich and get well off in the future. Velvet fur is soft, warm and comfortable appearance elegant, in the international market, is extremely sought after, its development prospects are attractive.

4. Raising Geese is in line with the State’s policy of “Stabilizing pigs and chickens and actively developing herbivorous livestock and poultry”. 

The development of raising four-season Geese without competing for grain with human beings and livestock will enable the rural surplus labor force to be employed and people to make full use of the grass along the roadside ditches, grazing, and crop Straw. In other words, meat production will increase in value, which is a low input, high output, and short cycle, a high-quality, high-efficiency breeding project, a surplus labor force, raised into 10 geese, can lay about 1200 eggs, the market price of each as high as 5-8 yuan, if the hatched goslings sold, each can be sold for 15-25 yuan, the annual profit of 6000-15000 yuan, the economic benefit is extremely remarkable. Is One of the most competitive livestock and poultry breeding industry.

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