Beware of these 5 diseases when raising sheep in spring

Spring temperature gradually warmer, and all things recover, is a good season for sheep, especially suitable for grazing breeding. But in this case, disease risks also exist, the more common diseases are diarrhea, cold, rumen inflation, poisoning, and parasitic diseases, sheep farmers pay attention to prevention and control.

1. Diarrhea, feeding Hay for a long time in the shed in winter, eating grass suddenly in spring, the stomach does not adapt to it, and the newly sprouting grass in spring has a high content of water and alkaloid, so sheep are easy to have diarrhea after sudden large-scale feeding, also easy to induce sheep enterotoxemia. Do not feed directly to the sheep grass, should be hay, and grass for feeding so that sheep intestines and stomachs gradually adapt. Sheep with diarrhea can be injected with Gentamicin or given 2 to 3 doses of oral gentamicin.

2, cold, common cold is a common disease in spring, the temperature in spring is unstable, sometimes high and sometimes low, after the winter withered grass phase of the sheep decline in Physique, weakened immunity, and easy to catch a cold. Cold sheep in low spirits, head drooping ears, runny nose, high body temperature, do not eat grass do not regurgitate. Intramuscular injection of compound aminopyrine (5-10 ML) or 30% metamizole (nearly 5-10 ml) may be used. In severe cases, penicillin (1.6 million units) and STREPTOMYCIN (500,000 units) may be used. Can also use ginger 22,2 onions, chopped soup, add Brown Sugar 1-22 filling, 2 times a day, even take 2 days, the effect is very good.

3, Rumen Gas, this is a large number of sheep to eat fresh leguminous grass, fermented grass or frost, rotten grass caused by mold. Disease Sheep Standing Arch back, breathing difficulties, abdominal acute enlargement, left than the right side, with the hand beat a drum, ruminant stop, serious disease late foam, soon suffocated to death. You can find a piece of Toona Sinensis or willow root in the sheep’s mouth, both ends of the rope tied to the sheep; let the sheep chew, and then massage the left waist with your hands to help exhaust. Or 100 ML canola oil mixed with the appropriate amount of cut tobacco once filling sick sheep, can also use 75% alcohol 10 ml plus fish stone fat 5 grams of mixed water once filling sick sheep, and hand massages its left abdomen to help exhaust gas. For serious and dangerous cases, a 16-gauge needle may be used to puncture the lung and slowly deflate it.

4, poisoning, poisonous grass often earlier than the general germination of grass, growing quickly, some young leguminous grass and other weeds, leaves, and other weeds as a result of just germination, contain different levels of toxic ingredients, sheep will only eat by mistake due to hunger, poisoning. Therefore, when grazing, one must pay attention to the observation, away from the pesticide-contaminated grass and toxic overgrown areas. Symptoms of sheep poisoning are foaming at the mouth, purplish nose and mouth, and shortness of breath. At this point should be emergency rescue, first with a knife to pierce the ear edge of the sheep to make it bleed, or let the sheep mouth with a stick, with saliva from the Venom, and then pour egg white 5, subcutaneous injection of atropine 2 ~ 5 ml.

5, parasitic disease, spring temperature rise, parasites active, sheep grazing in low-lying areas or drinking pond water, eating dirty grass, sheep susceptible to infection inside and outside the body. General initial cause severe itching, sick sheep constantly in the wall, column, and other friction, affected depilation, redness, swelling, papules, blisters, and SCAB. To keep the sheep shed dry and hygienic, the sheep shed was disinfected by spraying a pen with 10% ~ 20% lime milk or 20% water of plant ash. Sheep should be given an in vitro and in Vivo deworming in March and April. The parasites in the body can be treated with Levamisole, albendazole, or sulfamethoxazole. In Vitro, dipterex tablets can be mixed with warm water immersion wash, pine powder or flea killing powder sprayed on the body of the sheep to kill insects, this can effectively prevent the occurrence of parasitic diseases. For the diseased sheep, the wool around the affected area should be cut off, the SCAB and dirt should be cleaned thoroughly, then stir-fried with Chinese herb cream and salt, then mixed with Tung oil and applied evenly to the affected area 1 ~ 2 times a day for 3 ~ 4 days.

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