Breed introduction of a four-season goose?

Breed introduction of a four-season goose? The four-season goose is a medium-sized meat goose breed, which is a traditional Chinese meat goose breed. Its production area is located in Lujiang County and its surrounding counties along the coast of Chao Lake, Anhui Province. This variety is resistant to coarse feed, has strong disease resistance, lays more eggs, and has a substantial nest, for their eggs, and their hatching. The meat is delicate, has a high slaughter rate, and is rich in a variety of essential amino acids and micronutrients.

The origin of the four-season goose breeds, Anhui in the four-season goose breeding has a long history, Mingzhiyun “Rare birds then goose, duck, folk regardless of the city, good livestock goose, duck, chicken, pigeon, a banquet for the goose as a treasure”, shows that the Ming Dynasty there are records of breeding geese. 

Qing Guangxu thirty-four (1908), “Wan Zhengyao,” volume 23 contains: “Chicken, duck, goose each belong to the general production, Hefei, Shucheng more”, it can be seen that the previous dynasties have paid more attention to the breeding of geese, has a long history of breeding waterfowl. Local farmers have long had the habit and experience of breeding geese such as exercise and turnips. In addition, a goose can be closely combined with Rice planting, can be fully used as a rice field, can also be in late autumn to spring part of the free field for grazing, full use of natural feed resources. 

The four-season goose is produced in Lujiang County and its surrounding counties and cities along the coast of Chao Lake, Anhui Province, the central production area is Baihu town, Tongda town, Baishan town, Guohe town, Yifu Mountain town, Shengqiao town, Dragon Bridge town, Alum Mountain town, Jinniu town, and Ketan town, etc. . It has been widely distributed throughout the Chao Lake River Basin and Yangtze Plain areas, including Shucheng and Dangtu County in Anhui Province as well as Yangzhou and Jurong in Jiangsu Province.

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