Pigs, cattle and sheep disease O type A bivalent inactivated vaccine foot-and-mouth disease vaccine 50 head/100ml


Foot and mouth disease is an acute, febrile, and highly contagious disease caused by the foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) in cloven hoofed animals such as cattle, sheep, and pigs.


Common name:

Divalent inactivated vaccines for swine foot-and-mouth disease type 0 and A

(Re O/MYA98/JSCZ/2013 strains+Re A/WH/09 strains)

Main ingredients and content:

Contains inactivated foot-and-mouth disease O-type re-0/MYA98JSCZ/2013 strain and A-type Re-A/WH/09 strain viruses. Each dose of vaccine contains

The total 146S content of Type O and Type A should not be less than 3.0ug. The content of each type of virus should not be less than 1.5ug.


Milky white with slightly viscous emulsion.

Function and purpose:

Used to prevent IO and A type foot and mouth diseases in pigs, with an immune period of 6 months.

Usage and dosage:

Muscle injection. 2.0 ml per pig


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