Swine fever vaccine 20 doses


This product is used to prevent swine fever.No after vaccination immunity, 4 days after weaning piglets maternal antibody immune period for 12 months.



Used to prevent swine fever. Immunity developed 4 days after inoculation. The immunization period of non-maternal antibody piglets after weaning was 12 months

Usage and dosage:

Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Label the first part of the bottle, dilute 1 head/ML with normal saline, 1 ML per head in areas without epidemic of swine fever, weaning piglets without maternal antibodies can be inoculated once. When there is an epidemic threat, piglets can be in 21-30 days of age and 65 days of age about 1 inoculation.

Before weaning, piglets can be inoculated with 4 doses of vaccine, in order to prevent maternal antibody interference and lead to reduced immune effect

Storage and validity:

-15 degrees or below, valid for 18 months

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