How to raise the four-season goose?

How to raise the four-season goose?

How to raise the four-season goose? If the four-season geese only graze during the day, extensive management, and production performance can not play out. The four-season geese not only feed at night but also feed a considerable amount. Therefore, according to the growth of different stages, be given different feeding management. 

The choice of the four-season goose

Four-season generally refers to the main medium-sized goose species. It requires a great body, fertility, and health. He has a well-proportioned body, a large head and a broad face, bulging eyes, bright and energetic eyes, a long and blunt armor, a firm and firm neck, a bow-shaped front, broad shoulders and a firm chest, a flat stomach, thick legs, and a booming voice. The goose head face is comely, the noise armor is short, the eye is full has the spirit, and the neck wants thin, medium length. The wings clasp the body, the feathers are compact and Shiny, the body is long, the hips are wide, the feet are slightly short, and the tail is not warped. Feather color medium-sized goose feather color gray, white two, different breeds around, market demand is different. Generally, a white medium-sized goose is slightly favored, because the value of white feathers over gray feathers is high.

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