Breed characteristics of SANHUA variegated goose?

The SANHUA is a sexual hybrid of the Yangzhou White. But often called three-flower goose, the key is that this kind of goose’s head has three black hairs, that is to say, three-flower goose, this kind of goose has a very obvious characteristic is that it grows heavy. However, even though it is a sexual hybrid, the Sanhua goose has passed on the advantages of its male and female parents. It is known that Sanhua geese grow and develop more quickly. Generally speaking, the young 70-week-old geese can achieve 4.0 to 4.5 kg, and the growth rate was 27.8% higher than that of Suzhou Tai Lake Geese.

Breed characteristics of SANHUA variegated goose?

1. The three-flower goose has the advantages of both male and female parents. It grows fast, has good meat quality, and has a high reproductive rate. Generally speaking, a 70-day-old young goose can reach 4.0-4.5 kg, which is 27.8% higher than the growth rate of the Tai Lake Goose. 

2. The meat quality of the offspring is good, and the protein content of the meat is 1% higher than that of its male parent. 

3. Laying level is relatively high, the annual egg production can reach 50 to 65, and can produce 62 to 64 goslings. 

4. It is resistant to coarse feed and can eat any grass when grazing.

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