The difference between Merino wool and regular wool

What’s the difference between Merino wool and regular wool? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Merino wool? Fineness is an important standard to determine the quality and grade of wool. At this point, it’s clear that Merino wool is better than lamb wool. Its fineness is 1/10th that of a single hair, but some of the ordinary wool is thicker than the hair, put them together, the ultra-fine wool is soft and flowing, while the ordinary wool is stiff, so, ultra-fine wool has a high price. What’s the difference between Merino wool and regular wool? Merino wool differs from regular wool in thickness, hardness, and handle. 1, thickness difference: 

1, Merino Wool also known as ultra-fine Merino wool, its fiber is extremely fine, diameter of 19.5 microns below,  Good Merino wool diameter can reach 11.7 microns below, is the wool variety Fine. 

2. Regular wool is much thicker, and the roots may be thicker together. 

2. Different hardness of wool: 

1. Merino ultra-fine wool is soft, elegant and light, suitable for making some close-fitting clothes, such as scarves, cashmere sweaters, underwear and so on. 

2, and ordinary wool hardness, to some extent is also an advantage, making wool more friction-resistant, visible, suitable for coat, but also more windproof.

3. Merino wool, like cashmere and Alpaca wool, is a natural protein fiber with few animals and limited production, so its price is relatively high. Unlike wool, this natural fiber has a thinner surface and a smaller scale coverage density, which makes the Merino wool fiber feel smooth and soft, and delicate. 

Merino wool is also made of very elastic clothing, so it is very suitable for close-fitting wear, its fabric fine, soft, considerate, and comfortable. It not only has the excellent function of keeping warm and absorbing moisture but also has the proper tension of expansion and contraction. The textile made from it is suitable to be used as medium and high-grade high-quality fabrics, which can embody the noble and high-grade temperament. 2, but the ordinary wool feels rough, not so fine, close to the word will have a prickle.

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