Ovine enterotoxemia

It is an acute toxemia caused by clostridium Perfringens, also known as flavobacterium. Postmortem Kidney Tissue tends to soften, also known as soft kidney disease. (1) epidemic characteristic: CLOSTRIDIUM WELDI is a soil bacterium, sheep feed on the water and forage which is polluted by spore, and get sick when the body resistance drops. Most of them were popular at the turn of Spring and summer and when grass was seeded in autumn. (2) symptoms: Most die suddenly. The course is slightly longer divided into two types, one is characterized by tetany, the other is coma and quiet death. The former died 2-4 hours before falling down, while the latter had a slow course of disease, early unsteady gait, lying down, and had hypersensitivity, salivation, “Gurgling”sounds in the upper and lower jaws, after Coma corneal reflex disappeared; some sheep diarrhea, often 3-4 hours quiet death.

Control Measures (1) the disease to prevent the main. Vaccinate with sheep trivalent vaccine. Wet seedlings twice a year spring and autumn, seedlings once a year. (2) it is better to feed sheep in the barn to prevent them from eating feed and drinking water contaminated by pathogens. (3) pay attention to the heating and ventilation in the shed. The change of feed should be done gradually and not suddenly. (4) treatment: intramuscular injection of 800-1.6 million units of penicillin, double the first dose, three times a day, side 3-4 days. Or Take Sulfadiazine 0 orally. 2 g/kg body weight, cut in half the next day for 3-4 days.

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