Herb for sheep disease treatment and conditioning-sophora flavescens

This is a summary of some of the herbal properties that some of the older shepherds (that is, our forefathers) have used in sheep farming –, also known as folk medicine — to treat and recuperate diseases of sheep, for our shepherd, or has a strong reference significance! For safety reasons, it is suggested that the staff of sheep-raising should try it out before using it, and popularize it in large quantities.

1. Bitter Ginseng. At the top of the list should be this (Ginseng is usually a good thing, such as sea cucumber), a sheep-keeper who can get Ginseng, a suggestion to Doddo to feed the sheep, a cure for the disease, a health-free body-if Ruminantia often eat the Ginseng, it is equivalent to eating Ginseng. Apart from curing diseases, its healthcare effects will surprise you: Seasonal Diseases of various kinds of stress-induced by sheep can occur when the seasons come and go, when the seasons change, when the cold and the heat come and go, at this time has a very good prevention and treatment of Sophora flavescens effect, it is recommended to try.

With a professional official statement, the function of the main treatment: Heat, moisture, insecticide. Treatment of hot and toxic dysentery, intestinal wind-down blood, jaundice, leucorrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition, acute tonsillitis, hemorrhoids leakage, anal leakage, skin itching, scabies, scabies, vaginal itching, Burns. (Sophora flavescens seeds are a little poisonous and should not be used as feed.) For us sheep breeders, the function and value of Sophora flavescens can be best demonstrated by sick sheep. The effect of using Sophora flavescens seeds during seasonal alternation and stress in sheep can be surprising.

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