Wild feed that ducks like to eat

What do ducks like to eat? The author collected the relevant information to sum up the following ducks like to eat wild food. Sargassum, commonly known as Snapdragon, is a perennial aquatic herbaceous plant. It is submerged in water with its tip sometimes slightly above the surface. Its stems are smooth and slender with sparse short branches, and its leaves are whorled with scattered spiny teeth at the edges. It grows in still waters of small lakes, ponds and ditches are also common. 

Osmunda Japonica, also known as Yao flat grass, bitter grass, flat water grass, with slender stolons; Basal leaves, Thin, thin leaves, green translucent, common on both sides of the river channels and lakes around the quiet water. Black algae, also known as Hydrangea, grow in ponds, lakes, ditches. 

The stalks are slender and long, depending on the depth of the water; the leaves alternate, and the leaves are heart-shaped, nearly leathery, slightly thick, 3-5 cm long and 3-5 cm wide, rounded at the top. It grows in ponds, lakes and small rivers. 

The leaves are whorled in the internodes, three in a circle, two of which are floating leaves, Long Elliptic, with bristles on the veins, and one submerged leaf, root-like, with hairs on it. Growing in ponds, rice fields, ditches, rivers and other water, is the ducklings favorite to eat the water grass. In addition, water turtle (Horseshoe Grass) , water screen, willow leaf algae, shrimp algae, Daederia, Fox algae and other wild aquatic plants are ducks feed.

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