What do geese eat that grows fast

What do geese eat that grows fast? Goose high economic value, can produce goose meat, goose eggs, and goose liver also has a very good economic market. Goose prices are known to be significantly higher than those of other birds. The goose is also one of my most farmed poultry.

What food does the goose eat?

Goslings feed goslings relatively small, relatively weak digestion, the main feed is chopped vegetables with Rice, or grass can also be. Feed to nearly a month, you can feed corn meal, grass meal, fish meal, such nutrients, but most of the feed is mainly green feed. After a month of growth can be mainly fed roughage, with some fine feed can be. Mainly to absorb nutrients more satisfied growth.

goslings feed goslings, but do not keep up with the size and weight of adult goslings, mainly for growth and development. It needs to be fattened. Fattening requires eating foods that are rich in nutrients, such as protein and high in calories. General fattening time is a month of forehead appearance, this period of time should be so fed. Feed is mainly corn, sorghum, grass powder to provide basic nutrition, shell powder is high calcium food, bean cake is high protein food. In addition to some salt and sand, is to promote digestion.

high-quality green fodder is more juicy, good taste, good absorption, fattening fast. General forage includes Forage Grass, water grass, vegetables. Some grasses commonly used for grazing are good for feeding, such as Ryegrass for a variety of animals, some mustard greens, and the like. Some natural growth of wild vegetables, you can dig to feed, some common non-toxic grass can be fed. Water Hyacinth can be used in the water, let the goose into the water, see what grass it eats, to accept the grass to feed.

energy feed energy feed is refers to the dry matter content and the crude protein content relatively low some feed, mainly has the grain, the feed corn, the millet, the barley, the wheat, the sorghum and so on. These are the main diet of geese, geese like to eat cereal food. These feeds are mainly high energy, high starch content, is very easy to digest feed, easy to accelerate metabolism, good taste, suitable for goose to eat. Among them millet is the main food.

What geese eat what geese grow fast raising geese generally make geese eat grass, vegetables, grains, Ryegrass, barnyard grass, Alfalfa, silage corn and other high-yield, palatable, nutrient-rich, easy-to-digest forage and feed will grow faster, feeding Small Fish, shrimp, aquatic plant and algae also helps the goose grow. Grass and vegetables are widely distributed in rural areas, and the cost of feeding geese is low. The main source of green fodder is usually to feed geese on wild fresh grass, which has many kinds of wild grass, as long as it is determined to be non-toxic, smell-free grass can let the goose feed.

What feed can goose eat more eggs?

1. In the early stage of laying eggs, goose can eat the following three kinds of formula, the first is corn 45% , bean cake 10% , bran 15% , rice bran 15% , bone meal 2% , fish meal 1.5% , yeast meal 2% , grass meal 9% , salt 0.5% ; The second was corn 61.3% , rice bran 5% , soybean meal 23% , rapeseed meal 6% , fish meal 1% , calcium hydrochloric acid 1.3% , shell powder 1.1% , salt 0.3% , additive 1% ; The third was corn (53%) , black flour (2%) , rice bran (12.43%) , bran (6%) , soybean meal (18%) , rapeseed meal (6%) , bone meal (2%) , salt (0.4%) and methionine (0.17%) .

2. Laying period: Goose can eat formula feed, the specific formula has the following 3 kinds, the first kind is corn 54% , bean cake 20% , bran 18% , bone meal 3% , fish meal 3% , yeast meal 1.5% , salt 0.5% ; The second was bran 10% , corn 51% , soybean meal 5% , peanut meal 10% , rice bran 20% , bone meal 1% , shell meal 2.6% , salt 0.4% ; The third was corn 65% , no. 4 flour 4% , bran 4% , soybean meal 12% , rapeseed meal 6% , fish meal 2% , bone meal 2.6% , shell powder 4% , salt 0.4% .

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