The effect of duck feed mixture is good

The common feed for ducks is cereal, Bran and so on. Simple processing of these feeds is more beneficial to absorption of ducks. First, Bran Bran Bran, Corn Bran, traditional bran. All three diets contain high levels of crude fiber, such as wheat bran and corn bran, which can not exceed 15% in diets for laying and meat ducks. There are corn, wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, broken rice, rice, Xiaomi, sub-flour and so on. If you use sorghum to feed, must be crushed, or with soft blisters, wait for sorghum germination before feeding. The husk of rice is very hard, must first grind into powder feed again, because the Husk of rice fiber content is high, so want to feed less. Three, tubers, tubers and melons are potatoes, sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes) , beets, carrots, Pumpkins, Zucchini and so on. They are also good fodder for ducks and geese. If ducks and geese are raised in enclosures with a mixture of powdered micronutrient and multivitamins, there is no need to add roots, tubers and Turquoise to the feed. Four, Lees Have Lees, Beer Lees, bean curd dregs, beet dregs and so on, can be used to feed ducks and geese. These feed can be mixed with other feed, the effect is better. Green fodder includes all kinds of vegetables, artificial grass and wild non-toxic grass, wild vegetables and aquatic plants, etc. . This kind of feed should pay attention to pesticide residues, had better be washed after feeding. Silage of radish leaves, Alfalfa Grass, grass is also a good feed, you can feed a large number of geese.

The plant protein feed has the soybean, the broad bean, the PEA, the soybean cake (meal) , the peanut cake, the rapeseed cake, the sunflower seed cake, the corn navel cake and so on. This kind of feed should pay attention to collocation, simple fine and coarse mixed processing, to achieve balanced feeding. Although sand grains are not feed, but can help house raised ducks, geese on the digestion and absorption of feed, so should be placed in the house sandbox, let ducks and geese to eat. Eight, inorganic salt feed shell powder, stone powder, eggshell powder, bone meal, salt, etc. . This kind of feed should pay more attention to mixed processing, generally with other feed mixed feed. Nine, animal protein feed fish meal, meat and bone meal, blood meal, feather powder, silkworm pupa powder, small fish, shrimp, snail, earthworms, maggots, insects and so on.

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