Several common diseases of ducks

The duck is a kind of poultry that is easy to make mistakes in the aspect of sanitation. The common diseases are caused by sanitation to a great extent, so the raising of ducks will pay more attention to the sanitation. So which diseases are easy to appear in ducks?

Duck plague this is a high mortality rate of duck disease, is easy to group infection of the disease. Performance symptoms are more obvious, the early ducks will look like a more droopy look, flabby wings, walking wobbly, shaking his head down. In the middle and late period, the pus was more serious in ducks. The eyes are bloodshot, the head is Puffy, and the tail can bleed. Generally found after the first isolation treatment, and then the duck species have to be injected with antiserum duck venom, the amount of injection at more than three times the usual. So which diseases are easy to appear in ducks?

2. Avian Aspergillosis this is a common disease of poultry, ducks are extremely susceptible to infection, the harm is easy to cause duck asphyxiation and death. Symptoms of Malaise, squatting for a long time do not want to walk, there is swelling of the trachea in the duck neck, and accompanied by breathing difficulties. The easiest to observe is the greenish rarity of the faeces. The diseased duck breeds need to be fed enrofloxacin with feed until the situation improves. Other ducks should be fed penicillin stir-fed to avoid infection.

3, toxic hepatitis this is a very quick onset of symptoms, once the onset of a short half-day may be fatal, so we must find treatment in advance. Usually occurs in young ducks. Early performance for the movement is not convenient, from time to time will loose, the whole duck like wood moving, squatting when there will be oblique side of the situation. But the good news is that it has a specific drug for treatment, preferably hepatitis egg yolk antibodies, which are quite effective.

4. The most common cause of E. coli infection is the lack of management, the first is that duck eggs carry the pathogen, the sanitary environment after the second hatching is not qualified, and the management of ducklings is more centralized, duck colibacillosis was induced. Symptoms of diarrhea, pressure on the stomach will slowly break through the cover of feathers swell. There will be congestion in the air bag area. At present this kind of disease is to rely on the vaccine prevention in advance generally, the better use of the vaccine recommended E. coli inactivated oil emulsion vaccine

Raising ducks still need more observation, because ducks are very easy to spread a lot of diseases, so we must pay more attention to this aspect. The second is to treat the time must be timely, to avoid causing greater harm. We must treat the problem, or it will be more likely to hurt the duck. 

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