Meat Duck fattening with traditional Chinese medicine

The key of Chinese medicine fattening meat duck is the application of Chinese medicine in feed. After one month (more than 250 grams) , the ducklings should start fattening. On the first day, they are boiled with 50 grams of betel nut powder and 1,000 ml of water. After that, each duckling is fed with 2-3 ml of small rubber tube to drive away the diseases and insects in the ducklings, the next day with 50 grams of stomach powder, mixed with rice feeding. The fifth day began to feed fat powder. Its formula is: Yam 20 grams, Angelica 10 grams, licorice 10 grams, Poria 25 grams, astragalus 25 grams, Shouwu 23 grams, codonopsis Pilosula, ophiopogon japonicus 20 grams, Liuyi powder 30 grams, Chuanxiong 10 grams, various vitamins 30 grams, fish meal 500 grams, soybean 500 grams. The above medicine can be crushed for 30 ducks fattening, a tablespoon per meal, fully mixed with feed feed, a duck daily increase of 100-150 grams, 15 days can be sold. If re-feeding, the effect is not obvious.

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