How to raise three-flower goose

Sanhua goose is a kind of sexual hybrid goose. It is purified from Yangzhou white goose. And it’s often called the three-flowered goose. This kind of goose has a very obvious characteristic, that is to say, it grows heavy. At the feeding level, the three-flowered goose also has advantages, the main advantages of this kind of animal are its tolerance to forage, strong working ability of disease resistance, high level of laying eggs and high fecundity. And the three-flower goose laying characteristics are very good, the annual egg production can be achieved 50 to 65, can produce 62 to 64 goslings, raise well, economic returns are very good. How to raise the three-flowered goose? When raising the three-flower goose, if the poor grazing environment in the area, you can plant grass breeding. Because the three-flowered goose likes to eat grass and chrysanthemum gather grass and so on, these grasses not only have more nutrients, but also less pollution. When feeding the three-flower goose, each can feed 40 kg of fresh grass, and then add about 5 kg of feed can be. For the 90-day-old breeding goose, we have to limit the feeding, so as to prevent excessive body fat and early maturity. At this stage we still have to give priority to grazing, such as grazing places where the grass is scarce, grass quality is also poor words. We can add a little bit of roughage, such as chaff and Hay powder, and so on. But before laying eggs, you should feed some protein-containing feed. In addition, a month before the start of production, to inject goslings plague vaccine.

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