How many months will the three-flowered goose lay eggs

SANHUA goose laying level is relatively high, the annual egg production can reach 50 to 65, can produce 62 to 64 goslings. Sanhua goose will generally raise about a year to lay eggs, winter and spring season began to lay eggs, two or three days a, produce about 10 began hatching. The varieties of Sanhua geese vary, but they also lay 30 to 60 eggs a year. The Common Sanhua goose can produce about 70 pieces, and the high-yield Sanhua goose can produce 80 ~ 120 pieces. Sanhua geese concentrate the advantages of the male and female, it is fast growth, good meat, high reproductive rate, generally 70-day-old goose, can reach 4.0-4.5 kg, than the Tai Lake goose growth rate of 27.8% . Sanhua goose goose can grow 9-10 catties, male goose can grow to 13-15 catties.

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