Goose seedling indigestion take what medicine? How is goose dyspepsia treated?

Goose seedling indigestion take what medicine? How is goose dyspepsia treated? The digestive organs of goslings under 2 weeks old have not developed completely and the digestive function is weak.

If the feeding management is not proper, it is easy to cause dyspepsia. That is often said of goose diarrhea, then goose young indigestion how to do? The cause of dyspepsia in young geese is due to a variety of causes, poor feeding management, feeding moldy and rancid feed, overfeeding of tender green vegetables and grass, nutritional deficiencies in the feed, feed containing burrs and toxic substances, eating dirty feed, drinking water, food poisoning or due to the role of certain parasites and microorganisms, lack of minerals and gravel in the feed, due to climate change, cold or heat stroke, etc. May Lead to the occurrence of diarrhea, so we have to treat different conditions.

Goslings indigestion what to eat to help indigestion goslings can feed them some probiotics or green fodder. There is a lot of fiber in green fodder to help goslings improve digestion. For the more serious condition of goslings can be treated with drugs. Mainly with Concanavalin and CEPHALOSPORIN for injection, generally 2-3 days after the effect can be. In addition, we must pay attention not to hoard feed, which will only lead to goslings late do not eat, or feed mildew occurs.

In feeding goslings feed can be appropriate to add some protein, vitamins and other nutrients, to avoid nutritional deficiencies in the feed. How is goose dyspepsia treated? GOSLINGS can use CONCANAVALIN and CEPHALOSPORIN for intramuscular injection, generally 2 to 3 days or so can be effective, and during this period to provide goslings nutrition balance of the full-price feed.

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