Four essential measures of duck disease prevention

1. Entrance disinfection measures strictly marked the entrance of the“Serious epidemic prevention, refused to visit”, set a special guard, strictly prohibited outside vehicles and personnel to enter; Enter the production area must be hand-washed disinfection and disinfection through the disinfection corridor (disinfection pool and ultraviolet light) can be entered. 

2. Measures to prevent cross-infection the house keepers are forbidden to flee the field and guard to prevent cross-infection. The environment of the site should be kept clean and unpolluted, the spread of infectious diseases by wild birds should not be underestimated, and the faeces of birds should be strictly prevented from contaminating the feed and sports ground. Regular disinfection of the whole site and the duck should be carried out, and disinfection should be carried out every day during the period of the disease. Dead Ducks and autopsy materials must be done harmless treatment, must not be allowed to pollute the environment, causing man-made spread of diseases. 

3. Disease Prevention and control measures veterinarians should be diligent in dissection of dead ducks, materials should be timely laboratory testing, according to the results of drug sensitivity test drug prevention and treatment. After the initial administration of the drug, the veterinarian should continue to follow-up treatment until recovery. According to the drug sensitivity test, clinical drug use, age of onset and season, the veterinary practice, access to the field procedures for preventive drug use. In the selection of drugs, to avoid the use of counterfeit veterinary drugs and delay the disease, resulting in serious economic losses. 

4. Disease surveillance measures according to the local conditions, the development of disease surveillance program, meat duck farms routine surveillance of disease should include at least: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, duck plague, duck hepatitis. In addition to the above-mentioned epidemic diseases, we should select other necessary epidemic diseases to monitor according to the local actual conditions.

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