Dry-raising meat duck has short period and quick effect, and it is a new ecological feeding mode

When it comes to raising ducks, people think of the“Raising ducks on the surface and raising fish under water” farming model. However, with the increasing attention paid to environmental protection in recent years, the water quality of reservoirs and rivers is also a serious problem because of duck farming. The most important model is to drive the Ducks to shore and raise them dry, so as to improve the water quality caused by duck farming. The Wuming District aquatic animal husbandry and veterinary technology promotion station actively organizes experts to provide technical training and services to livestock farmers through various means, including centralized training, on-site consultation, and interactive exchanges on sending science and technology to the countryside, promoting the new model of raising meat duck in dry land to help farmers increase their income.

It is understood that the dry-raising model of meat duck covers an area of less, non-polluting water sources, feeding cycle is short, quick results, high survival rate advantages. After 42-50 days of feeding, the average profit is about 4.0 yuan per feather, and the net profit is 1-1.6 yuan per feather, it is a new model of healthy ecological feeding which is worth popularizing. 

In order to promote this new farming model that helps farmers increase income, the Wuming District aquatic animal husbandry and Veterinary Technology Promotion Station has held three training sessions for science and technology personnel of Jili Village, luowei town, Ma Tau Town, and Zuoqing village, Shuangqiao, more than 150 people were trained, providing a solid technical support for the dry-farming of Wuming District meat ducks. In addition to teaching the techniques of feeding management and disease prevention and control, the extension station technicians also actively organize farmers to visit and study in the dry-raising base of meat ducks of Guangxi Keyuan Poultry Breeding Co. , Ltd. , we can understand the structure and layout of duck shed, drinking water, sewage ditch and sewage treatment on the spot, and encourage breeders to develop the“Company + Farmer” farming model to help breeders develop the economy of duck farming.

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