Breeding techniques of sanhua hybrid goose

1-day-old: Catch Young, count the number of young, according to the strong and weak young group. 5% of the samples were weighed and the average birth weight was determined. The temperature of Brood Room was maintained at 32-33 °C. Do a good job of boiling water and food. A large number of feeding, can be divided into a number of small wooden bars, each column raised about 100 goslings.

2-3 days old: Change Bedding, Clean Nursery, clean drinking fountain, plastic cloth. Feed and water every 2 hours and add 0.05% potassium permanganate to the water for 7 days. The plastic sheet should be rinsed and reused after each use. The next day began to gradually replace broken rice with formula feed. To observe the GOSLINGS and prevent them from gathering. 24 hours of light. Attention to keep the nursery dry, sanitary, quiet, let the goslings have a good rest, nursery temperature to be stable, do not suddenly high and low, nursery attention ventilation, people enter the room not feel stuffy, no odor and odor.

4-7 days old: from the fifth day, the temperature is adjusted to 30-31 °C. Feed Trough can be changed to feed 8-10 times a day, feed in the green feed should account for 60% -70% , must be fed at night 2-3 times, completely with formula feed. In the warm weather at noon, you can let out the goslings exercise 1 hour. The second weighing random sampling of 5% of individuals, each weighing, the average, representing the weight of 1-week-old goslings. Daily management work with 2-3 days of age. The green fodder used must be fresh and sanitary. If the average weight is less than the target weight at 1 week of age, the feeding management should be improved.

8-14 days old: When the weather is hot, the temperature can be lowered during the day, at night, keep about 27-28 degrees C. Change to natural lighting, feeding at night when the lights, other times off the lights. Adjust the feeding density of chickens, 12-15 per square meter. The third sampling weighing method is the same as before. According to the size of the body weight, the appropriate adjustment of geese, strengthen the feeding of weak chicks. Put into the sand, sand, to the size of Mung beans appropriate. The amount of formula feed and green feed increased day by day.

15-21 days old: The temperature of Brood Room was adjusted to 23-25 °C. Chopped Green feed can be fed alone, eat up on the Tim, so that goslings full. Formula Feed 6-8 times during the day and 1-2 times at night. Remove the small fence, increase the area of activity. The fourth sampling weighing method is the same as before. General nursery temperature no longer, cold weather, especially at night should pay attention to heating to 20 degrees C. The amount of concentrate for the following week was calculated by multiplying the expected weight gain at the Fourth Week of age by 1.7 times the number of goslings in the field, i.e. the amount of concentrate for the following week. Prepare the amount of green fodder for next week, multiply the expected weight gain by 6 times the number of geese in the herd to get the amount of green fodder for next week, and plan the supply. Note that if the weather is very cold, should extend the heating time; if the weather is hot, can shorten the heating time.

22-28 days of age: Can Be put outdoors during the day, when the weather is good in the playground feeding green fodder. When the weather is cold, indoor should keep warm or add more mat grass at night. Goslings eat more grass, feces and urine, to clean frequently, to maintain indoor dry health. Feed formula feed 5-6 times a day, increasing the amount of feed daily, at least 1-2 times at night. Adjust the feeding density, 5-6 per square meter. The fifth sampling weighing, calculating brood rate and average body weight, and the target live weight control. If the growth is too slow, careful analysis to find out the reasons, put forward solutions to analysis. Leaving the Brood Room, into the Goose House. According to the plan area of 5 per square meter. Regroup by weight. Multiply next week’s gain by 2.0 times the number of geese in the herd, which is the amount of fodder to be used in the next week; multiply the expected gain by 6 times the number of geese in the herd, which is the amount of turquoise fodder to be used in the next week.

29-35 days old: Change to medium goose feed, feed 4-6 times a day, 1 time at night, the amount of ingredients should be increased day by day. Clean the house once a day, change the grass once a day, and clean the playground twice a day. If there is no water sports ground, drinking water to keep the water, cleaning 2 times a day. In the sixth sampling weighing, the average live weight of the whole group was calculated and compared with the target live weight, and the reasons were checked. According to the expected weight of next week times 2.1 times, and then multiply the number of geese in the inventory, calculate the next week the amount of batching. The estimated weight gain times 6, and then times the number of cattle, green feed for next week, do a good plan for the supply of concentrate and coarse feed. Note that when changing the medium goose feed, there should be a 2-3 day transition period, that is, change 1/3 every day; green feed can be cut into 3-5 cm long, to be fresh and clean, such as young goose period green feed used much, should be the whole group to take anthelmintic once, eliminate tapeworms. The weight of the goose is increasing day by day, and the amount of formula feed should be increased day by day, not distributed evenly within a week.

36-42 days old: to the weight of small geese to strengthen feeding, more to high-quality green feed and formula feed. Feed Ingredients 4-5 times a day, once a night, and feed green feed. House cleaning 1, change the MAT grass, sports ground cleaning 2 times. The dosage of compound cake and green fodder increased day by day. The seventh sampling weighing, CHECK 1 week of growth condition. The formula feed dosage for next week was calculated by the same method, the Coefficient was 2.3 times, and the Coefficient of green feed was 6.5 times. The administration is the same as last week.

43-49 days old: Feed Ingredients 4-5 times a day, 1 time at night. Green fodder is fully supplied and the daily amount of formulated feed is the same. Daily Management Work as before, pay attention to the dynamics of the geese. The eighth sampling weighing, check 1 week of growth condition. For the next week’s formula feed, the method is the same as before, the concentrate coefficient is 2.5 times, the Green Feed Coefficient is 6.5 times. Appropriate adjustment of the geese, will be weak concentration, feeding alone. This week, the goose is growing fast, so we should supply enough fodder and green fodder.

50-56 days of age: The same amount of formula feed every day, green enough to feed. Daily Management Work as before. The growth status of the geese in the past 1 week was analyzed by the ninth sampling and weighing. The coefficients of formula feed and green feed were 2.7 and 7 times respectively. Fast-growing geese can be sold on the market. Note that this week is also the growth peak of the goose, to strengthen the feeding management.

57-70 days of age: The amount of formula feed daily from more to less, green fodder adequate supply. Daily Management Work as before. The whole flock is weighed and sold. Note that the growth rate of the goose began to slow down, feed consumption should be appropriately reduced within a week, so that the goose full growth.

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